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1956 Austin Healey 100 M Le Mans


1956 Austin Healey 100M Le Mans

1956 Austin Healey 100M Le Mans
1 of 640 factory built cars
110 HP in-line 4
4 Speed gearbox w/overdrive
Healey Blue
Blue interior

In 1953, two slightly modified Austin Healey 100-4s were entered in  the Le Mans 24 hour race finishing 12th and 14th.  The name Le Mans was chosen for a tuning kit for production cars.  The 100M cars with the Le Mans kit have larger SU carburetors, a special inlet manifold with cold air box, high-lift camshaft, high-compression pistons, stronger valve springs, a distributor with alternative ignition advance curve, stiffer front anti-roll bar, special front shocks, and a louvered hood.  The 100M horsepower increased from the stock 90HP to 110HP.